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Bionovas is a leading brand established in 2003 in Toronto Canada.Marketing headquarters was established in 2010 in Taiwan.R & D headquarters was established in 2014 in Washington USA.We have developed a worldwide reputation for providing our customers with specialty products for life science research. We have more than 2,000 items which covering proteins, molecular biology and biochemicals. Most of our suppliers come from leading brands in the field of life science. We commit our customer to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price and ensure the results you have come to expect.

What is biotechnology?

Literally it is technology that utilises living things as scientific tools to make a product or to solve problems.

The Egyptians were already using biotechnology in 1550 BC when they used yeasts and the malting process to make bread,beer and wine. However the term "biotechnology" actually came about in 1917 referring to the use of large scale fermentation production.

Today "biotechnology" is used not only in reference to fermentation technology, but to any technology which has a basis in biological knowledge. All of that biological knowledge comes from many years of research that was done in the name of scientific knowledge and to solve the pressing challenges to humanity.

Biotechnology is using information about biological systems to develop techniques for commercial production of food, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, biochemicals and clinical assays.

The biotechnology revolution, fueled by the sequencing of the human genome, will affect every aspect of the way we live, from our environment, to what we eat, to how we diagnose and treat illness. Already, biotechnology has improved the quality of our lives. In the next decade, as the pace of advances in biotechnology accelerate, the scope and volume of biotechnology's effects will be even greater.

What is biotechnology? In its broadest definition, biotechnology is the use of advances in molecular biology for applications in human and animal health, agriculture, environment, and specialty biochemical manufacturing. In the next century, the major driving force for biotechnology will be the strategic use of genomic information. With the completion of the human genome project, the subsequent understanding of what these genes code for and how the products of these genes relate and interact, will completely transform the practice of medicine. It is now possible to translate discoveries in bacteria, yeast, or fruit fly into important therapeutic targets for drug discovery. DNA chip diagnostics, cell and gene therapy, and tissue engineering will emerge over the next 10 years as important biotechnology products.

Biotechnology--the interdisciplinary frontier between biology, engineering, medicine and plant science--is also the scene of exciting scientific and technological developments in many areas of science. Important areas of development include:
* Recombinant DNA
* Producing New Crop Species
* Clinical Diagnostics
* Medical Therapy
* Bioinformatics and Processing
* Producing Biomaterials

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Bionovas is a producer and world-wide acting trader of Molecular Biology and Diagnostic technologies.

We serve our research and innovation in all sectors where our technologies are required.

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